UAA Immunization Requirements

As part of a University of Alaska Anchorage program, you are required to submit your immunization records to the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Health and Counseling Center. Listed below are the steps to successfully complete this requirement. Having all information ready before you start the process will make this experience easier for you.

1. Log into the online portal at using your Blackboard username and password.

a. Select the word "immunization" from the left hand column.

b. The next screen displays the status of immunizations required by housing or your academic program.

i.Verify that this information is correct.

ii.You will be able to add any missing immunizations by highlighting the word "immunization" on the left hand column and selecting "new".

c. Find the immunization or titer you need to enter, and select the date you received the vaccine or had the titer drawn.

d. Note: If you are entering a titer you will also need to enter titer results.

i.If the result was positive select immune.

ii.If the result was negative select non-immune.

2. Once you have entered all your vaccines and titers, select the submit button either on the top or bottom of the page.

a. A pop-up box will confirm that your immunization was saved.

b. Select the OK button.

c. You will then be returned to the status screen.

3. Verification of your online information is completed by review of your hardcopy immunization records by an SHCC Immunization Certification professional. Hardcopy records can be submitted by:

a. Mail:

UAA Student Health and Counseling Center

Rasmuson Hall Suite 116,

3211 Providence Dr.

Anchorage, 99508

b. Hand deliver your record to:

UAA Student Health and Counseling Center

Rasmuson Hall Suite 116

3416 Seawolf Drive.

Anchorage, AK 99508

c. Fax your record to (907) 786-4049.

Once we receive the records we will verify your immunizations, forward your compliance status to your program, and contact you.

Please contact the Student Health and Counseling Center if we can assist you with future health related needs. It has been a pleasure to serve you.