Commuter Student Services - What We Do

The Daily Den

The Den is located in the bottom floor of the Student Union. Commuter Student Services provides this area as a student lounge from Monday through Thursday, 8.a.m.-10.p.m.. We offer a variety of free beverages, healthy snacks, and some guilty pleasures to help with those commuter blues. This program is known as the Daily Den. Come hang out, study, relax, play games (we provide them), have some snacks, visit with friends, and make some new ones.

Grab a snack at the following times on Monday through Thursday.

  • Morning: 10:00.A.M. - 11:00.A.M.
  • Afternoon: 2:00.P.M. - 3:00.P.M.
  • Evening: Monday night Football and Special Events 6:00.P.M. - 7:00.P.M.

Off Campus Living:

 We assist in the pursuit of student friendly living arrangements, connect student roommates together, and help to find a temporary renter to sub-lease. Check out our housing board located on the second floor of the Student Union to find roommates, apartments, and more.


 We can assist you by connecting you to UAA departments or Anchorage businesses that provide car maintenance, bicycle workshops,   carpooling opportunities, public transportation, Seawolf Shuttle information, and more.  


 We offer all sorts of free events that encourage a healthy lifestyle, including dance lessons, yoga, zumba, and more.  


 Discover the countless opportunities to interact within the UAA community. Share your interests and we'll point you in the right direction.

UAA Votes:

 Register to vote at the Student Union Information Desk or at one of our Mobile Stations that move locations around campus. We are also an absentee polling location, so you can cast your ballot right here in the UAA Student Union beginning the day before elections.  

Advisory Board:

 The Student Union & Commuter Student Services Advisory Board meets several times a year to gather student  input on how to improve our department and our building.