Want to take a sustainability minded class?

If you are interested in learning more about the relationship between humans and the environment then check out the list of sustainability minded courses that are taught at UAA. Select a academic program from the list below for classes concerned with sustainability.


Alaska Native Studies

AKNS 201 Alaska Native Perspectives

Sustainability focused (F) or Related (R): R

AKNS A201 Alaska Native Perspectives 3 Credits

Introduction to Alaska Native perspectives on kinship, time, philosophy, symbolism, spirituality, communication, justice, oral traditions, storytelling, material culture, and the relationship to the environment. Students will become familiar with the diversity of Alaska Native peoples, languages, and worldviews and how these influence contemporary and global issues.

Attributes: UAA Humanities GER.


ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology

Sustainability focused (F) or Related (R): R

ANTH A202 Cultural Anthropology 3 Credits

Introduction to the methods, theories, and fundamental concepts in the study of cultural systems. Includes social relationships, economic organization, political systems, symbols and beliefs, and issues related to gender, power, world systems and colonialism, and the social construction of human lives.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

ANTH 325 Cook Inlet Anthropology

Sustainability focused (F) or Related (R): R

ANTH A325 Cook Inlet Anthropology 3 Credits

Study of the peoples and cultures of the Native, Russian and American periods of the Cook Inlet region. Includes original archaeological studies and ethnohistoric documents.
Special Note: Offered alternate fall semesters.

ANTH 354 Culture and Ecology

Sustainability focused (F) or Related (R): F

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