Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

About us

UAA values high-quality undergraduate programs, which prepare students for a variety of personal and professional opportunities, including lifelong learning, engagement with ones communities and the world, careers, and/or advanced graduate study.

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (OUAA) supports undergraduate studies in a variety of ways, ranging from curriculum, new program proposals, articulation agreements, and course fees to program accreditation and cross-campus initiatives.

Over the past two years OUAA has supported the Faculty Senate General Education Requirements Assessment Task Force, whose work has featured the value and role of general education, as well as how to assess its effectiveness.

On the institutional level OUAA oversees accreditation, academic policiesacademic program assessment and academic program review, and it contributes to academic and leadership initiatives.

The Office of International and Intercultural Affairs reports to the Vice Provost, who directly supports the colleges and campuses in international/intercultural program and partnership development.