UAA 2010 Full Scale Accreditation Evaluation Timeline


Chapter 1: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations


Revisions to Chapter 1 on Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations


Chapter 2 on Resources and Capacity
with revisions to Chapter 1

9/30/09- 10/2/09

Site Visit on Chapters 1 and 2
(including a visit to Kenai Peninsula College)


Chapter 3 (Planning and Implementation) and
Chapter 4 (Effectiveness and Improvement)
with revisions to Chapters 1 & 2


Chapter 5 on Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability
with revisions to Chapters 1-5

10/4/10- 10/6/10

Site Visit on cumulative report (Chapters 1-5)
(including visits to Kenai Peninsula College and Mat-Su College)

January 2011
 NWCCU Board of Commissioners Ruling on UAA's Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Detailed Status - UAA 2010 Full Scale Accreditation Evaluation

UAA submitted the Year 7 report on September 1, 2010. A site visit with evaluators from peer institutions took place in October 2010. The evaluators met with with various administrative and governance groups, as well as in open forums for faculty, staff, and students. Each member of the site visit team focused on a Core Theme (for instance, Teaching and Learning or Student Success). Along with dozens of meetings on the Anchorage campus, members of the site visit team also traveled to Kenai and Mat-Su campuses to meet with their faculty, staff, and students.

In January 2011, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities board of commissioners reviewed the materials and report from the site visit team and formally ruled on UAA's reaffirmation of accreditation. Along with reaffirming UAA's accreditation, the commission also made commendations and recommendations stemming from this evaluation. Among the materials considered in this review were UAA's Year 7 report, the evaluation report from the site visit team, and UAA's institutional response to that evaluation report. You can find all of these documents, along with the NWCCU's reaffirmation letter, on the "2010 Reports and Documents Archive" tab.

The Year 7 report submitted on September 1, 2010 was the final report for this cycle of the accreditation process. This cumulative report included updates to Chapter 1 (Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations), Chapter 2 (Resources and Capacity), Chapter 3 (Planning and Implementation), and Chapter 4 (Effectiveness and Improvement). In addition to these updated chapters, the report contains a newly developed Chapter 5 (Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability). Part of the work updating previous chapters was devoted to further refining of the Core Themes, Objectives, Outcomes, and Indicators.

Materials related to the 2010 cycle can be found under the "2010 Reports and Documents Archive" tab. Since previous chapters were updated with each submission, we encourage you to consult the most recent report for information about Chapters 1-4. This will ensure that you are reading the university's most current thinking on the project. The materials posted also include responses from the NWCCU to these submissions, including reaffirmations of UAA's accreditation on the basis of the work accomplished so far in January and April 2010.