Past Institututional Accreditation Documents

This page houses past reports submitted to the NWCCU and communication with the Commission regarding those reports.

Past Reports from UAA to the NWCCU

2017 Accreditation Website (Reports and status updates)
2010 Full Scale Evaluation Website (Reports and status updates)
2007 Focused Interim Report: Strategic, Academic, and Distance Education Planning
2005 Regular Interim Report
2003 Focused Interim Report: Assessment and Integration of Units
2002 Focused Interim Report: Institutional Planning
2002 Focused Interim Report: General Education Requirements
2000 Full Scale Self Study

Past Reports from the NWCCU to UAA
Please note that reports from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities are intended to be viewed as a whole. While distribution is encouraged, it should be as a full report, rather than as excerpts. Please contact Megan Carlson, Assistant Vice Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer, if you have any questions about the distribution of accreditation reports.

2010 Full Scale Evaluation Website (Commission responses shown with each report)
2005 Regular Interim Evaluation
2003 Focused Interim Evaluation: Assessment and Integration of Units
2000 Full Scale Evaluation