Boards and Organizations

 Election Board
 The board coordinates all aspects of student government elections including but not limited to, promoting the election, providing workshops for candidates, establishing voting locations on campus, and verifying election results.

Green Fee Board
The board determines approval or denial of grants submitted by students. Proposals are focused on environmentally wise, economically sound and socially responsible projects for the University.

Club Council
Club Council is the governing body for all student clubs at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is an official branch of USUAA. 

Greek Council
To serve as a liaison between Greek organizations affiliated with UAA and the administration, faculty, and non-Greek students at UAA. To provide leadership for and regulation of Greek organizations affiliated with UAA.  

Residence Hall Association
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student governing body for the UAA residence halls and apartments and is made up of students 


Graduate Student Association
The graduate student association hereafter referred to as GSA, will represent the interests of students wishing to attain an advanced degree by communicating with the university to effect positive change.

 Board of Cultural Awareness
The Board provides forums for student awareness of diverse cultures; representing the interests by developing information and activities to heighten student awareness of peoples, cultures and events around the world.


Travel Board
The USUAA Student Travel Scholarships provide financial support for students wishing to attend academic or leadership workshops, conferences, or participate in civic-engagement experiences. These scholarships are awarded twice each semester.