Duties of Executives

The USUAA President and Vice President are elected by the student body in the spring general election.  The president is the official spokesperson of the organization and appoints student representatives to serve on boards and special committees. The president provides direction for the organization and works closely with the vice president and speaker of the assembly to guide and support the members of the assembly.

The Vice President works with internal matters of USUAA.  The vice president performs the duties of the president in the temporary absence or inability of the president and will become president upon resignation, impeachments, recall, or incapacity of the president.  The vice president is the ex-officio member of all committees of the Assembly, appoints the Sergeant-At-Arms and members of the Travel Board.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Speaker of the Assembly, Chair of the Finance Committee, and the chairs of all standing committees. The committee meets regularly to consider and coordinate all matters concerning the Assembly. The committee provides direction, organizational oversight, management, and strategic planning for USUAA and its committees. They address internal matters to help improve communication, support, progress, and duties of each standing committee.