Based on web author feedback and current needs of the stakeholders, the UAA WebPros group has decided to update the UAA content management system (CMS). The existing CMS was not selected with the intent to one day host the entire institutional website, as the site and authoring processes have matured over the years it became evident that a formal evaluation of current solutions available should be conducted to identify a system that best meets the needs of the UAA WebPros and community of web authors.

Long term multi-phase initiative for the Institutional website:

  1. Identify CMS Replacement System (Request for Proposal (RFP) process)
  2. Technical Implementation
  3. Branding (Templates, design guides, etc.)
  4. Migration

Identify System (Current Phase)

We will be working with Procurement to develop an RFP based off of all of the requirements that the CMS replacement working group identified through research and then a small selection committee will be assembled that consists of members from that group.

We are planning to have this go out to bid this summer with the goal of making a final selection during the Fall 2014 semester.