Welcome to the UAA Web Style gallery. This site features samples of the different typography elements, template gallery and headers.

  • Header Gallery - Headers are the big splashy images you can add to the top of your page. This gallery gives examples of header images and slideshows.
  • Style Gallery - Styles allow you to change the way your content appears inside an element like the way Custom Render Handlers change the look and feel of the element. You can mix and match Styles with Custom Render Handlers to create unique look and feel for your content.
  • Typography Gallery -  Typography describe how text looks in a web site. This gallery demonstrates all the text, heading, lists, and table styles.
  • Template Gallery - Page layouts are pages based on pre-existing templates that you can use including multi column layouts and simple forms. This gallery shows examples of all the different page layouts.
  • Custom Element Gallery - UAA created elements based on customer feature requests not provided by CommonSpot; such as the Biography, Banner Class Section List, Button, Embed Qualtrics Surveys elements.
  • Custom Render Handler Gallery - Render Handlers allow an elements look and feel to be displayed differently.