This site is a showcase of uses of the new Header Maker tool. You can use header maker to create stunning image headers and slideshows that add splash to the top of your pages.

  • Recent Headers - Get some inspiration from your peers by seeing the most recent headers published to the CMS.
  • Text Only Header - This header doesn't use an image. Instead the text from your page title is drawn in large text.
  • Wide Header - Wide headers are 960 pixels wide and should be used for home pages or subsite landing pages
  • Narrow Header - Narrow headers are 730 pixels wide and are good for sub pages.
  • Fading Slide Show Header - Header maker allows you to have a slideshow of headers on top of your page. This slideshow automatically uses a fade animation to transition slides.
  • Manual Slide Show Header - This slideshow does not advance automatically. Instead, the use can use the pop up arrows to advance the slideshow manually.
  • Linked Slides Show - Each header can also link to a page which is a great way to showcase content in your site.