Web Publishing for Employees

Employees (executives, faculty, and staff) represent a major portion of the web contributors at UAA. Your role at UAA and in your department can help you determine your role within a web site.

Executive | Faculty | Staff

I am a Dean, Director or Executive

Dean Director ExecutiveAs a dean, director or executive at UAA, you are ultimately responsible for the Web site(s) of the schools, departments and projects you represent. As such, your primary role with your Web site(s) may simply be the coordination of responsibilities that ensure your Web sites provide accurate and up-to-date content and that they reflect the image and branding guidelines of UAA.

UAA IT Services provides Web site needs assessment/consultation to help you with technology planning required to publish a Web site. UAA Office of University Advancement is available to assist with branding, marketing and design considerations and consultation on language


I am Faculty


As UAA faculty you represent your local academic department.

But you also expect to use the web to advertise your research, teaching experience, and areas of expertise to the academic community at large. Lucky you, UAA's IT Services make it easy for you to broadcast your academic signature into cyberspace.

Solution 1 (For All Skill Levels): A CMS Faculty Biography Page is the perfect solution for displaying your CV in whole or in part. [Sign up for CMS Training] to learn how to set up and maintain your Biography Page.

Solution 2 (Advanced Users Only): A second option is to [request a personal web hosting account]. Here you can upload PDFs and other documents, such as an extended CV with writing samples or published articles, and display them in web pages that you have designed yourself. Note that personal web hosting should always be used in conjunction with the Faculty Biography Page, as an augmentation, not an alternative. Also note that this second option is not for everyone! Familiarity with fundamental web design tools such as Dreamweaver is required, and IT Services does not provide training for these tools. Taking a course on web design topics before attempting to set up a personal web site is highly recommended. Also be sure, if you are going to take this step, that you have reviewed the University's [Image System Standards] and are willing and able to comply with them.

I am Staff

Staff As a staff member at UAA, you work for an academic or administrative department. You bring specific skills, knowledge and experience to your group's mission. Your primary Web role will likely be a content expert because of the things that you know about your organization. You'll help write content and organize informWeb sites. You'll want to get trained in the CMS by IT Services so that you can help your team author Web sites. Taking courses on Web design topics could give you an edge.


If you are a staff member that does web development or graphics design see I am a Programmer or I am a Designer.