I Am A...

I am a...Student? Designer? Staff? Faculty? Identifying your UAA role or particular skill set can give you a better understanding of web publishing. Consult the links below to find your unique perspective.

  • Student - Your courses are on the web. You take courses about the web. You want web space for your homepage, club, or project.
  • Employee - You work at UAA and contribute to your departments websites. You want to make your own website. You have a special project that you are thinking about using the web for.
  • Visitor/Patron - You are a vendor, contractor, guest speaker, or visitor to UAA. You need temporary access to web publishing.
  • Writer - You are a word smith, copy writer, or editor. You assure the quality of the language and information for the web sites you work on.
  • Designer - You are a graphics or web designer. You design visual elements, layouts, and graphics for use in UAA's web sites.
  • Developer - You are a web developer or application programmer. You write code and integrate systems. You want to build data driven web sites that are tightly integrated into the enterprise.