Web sites for Courses

Students and faculty use the Web for courses. Students learn about Web publishing and writing in their classes. Faculty can leverage Web publishing to enhance their curriculum and research.


  • Online Classes - Many faculty use online courses to help supplement course curriculum.
  • Personal Hosting - Students taking courses that involve Web publishing, such as computer, business or technical writing classes, often require access to Web publishing.

Faculty & Instructors

The Web is a powerful tool for sharing curriculum with students asyncronously. It's available from anywhere, students class resources are consolidated, and it is a good medium for delivering media. The instructional designers in the Faculty Technology Center can help you maximize your instructional quality online.

The easiest option for taking your course online is to use the learning management system, "UAA Classes." Official banner courses are created for you automatically. Just upload content and make it available to students. Custom courses can be requested via the IT Call Center.

Some online course designs are more technologically sophisticated than the learning management system, or perhaps the courses are offered to a much broader public audience. If Blackboard does not meet your academic needs, contact the Faculty Technology Center about using your personal hosting to create a custom Web space. This option is generally more expensive and more time-consuming. See Contact and Personal Hosting.