Web Publishing for Departments or Workgroups

Modern communications demand a web presence to interface with the public. Business is streamlined using the web to collaborate. Your department needs different web sites for different goals.

Business Card Sites 

This type of site serves as the public face of your department. This is best handled by the Institutional Web Site Content Management System (CMS).

Collaboration or Intranet Sites

This type of site is where your employees can exchange things like meeting minutes or collaborative documents. Traditionally this has been done on a network file share or via a web hosting account. IT Services is piloting Microsoft SharePoint as group sites to fulfill this function.

Event Sites

This type of site serves as a marketing presence for an event that your department sponsors. Departments should consider multiple communication channels including their business card site, the Green & Gold newsletter, and social networks. University Advancement can help you perfect your communications strategies. See the "I need a website for...Event" section of this site.

Online Course Sites

This type of site offered by academic departments should use the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).