Web Publishing Offerings

Services UAA provides a number of Web publishing services to help you share your teaching, learning and research. Which Web hosting option you choose will depend on your requirements. The summaries below list options and links to more details.

UAA Web Publishing Options

  • Content Management System (CMS) is UAA's main institutional website. The CMS is perfect for department sites and public resource pages or "business card pages." The CMS is free and easy to use.
  • UAA web hosting is for students, employees, clubs and departments to create custom sites. UAA Web hosting is free but requires Web publishing knowledge and skills.
  • Outsourced hosting can be used in very special cases to outsource Web design and hosting for major business initiatives. Outsourcing can be expensive and can require information technology skills.
  • White box hosting or "under the desk" hosting is when someone builds their own server. This practice is strongly discouraged because of the expense and risk. White box hosting requires extensive information technology skills.