Third Party Hosting & Design

The UAA Web site Content Management System (CMS) supplies colleges, departments, faculty and staff with tools necessary to publish an easy-to-maintain Web site. If you are not certain whether the CMS can accommodate your Web site requirements, please contact UAA IT Services for a needs assessment/consultation.

Under some circumstances, the CMS may not meet your Web site requirements or there may be another option that makes more sense from a workflow or business-requirement perspective. In these cases, it is acceptable to work with 3rd party vendors to accomplish your Web site requirements. It is highly advisable that you contact UAA IT Services for a needs assessment/consultation before signing contracts with a 3rd party vendor. IT Services has the experience to guide you through the process of selecting a 3rd party vendor, integrating with UAA technology and, most likely, saving you money.

Some examples of the successful use of 3rd party vendors to publish Web sites at UAA are Athletics ( and The Northern Light Newspaper (