IT Services, University Advancement and Disability Support Services select a different UAA Web site to review each week. Much of the University’s communication and reputation is perceived through the Internet; especially the World Wide Web. So, it’s important that UAA Web publishers help advance the University’s mission with their use of marketing, accessibility and technical standards. Site reviews assure that we as a community continually improve our Web quality in support of UAA's mission.

Site reviews focus on three broad areas,

  1. Marketing - style, language, and image standards
  2. Accessibility - functional to those with disabilities
  3. Technical - industry best practices for HTML, CSS, javascript. etc.

Problems with policy compliance must be corrected. Other problems and suggestions are optional, but recommended because they stem from industry best practices.

Site publishers will be notified a week before the site review to allow stakeholders to attend. Reviewers' notes and the site review worksheet (pdf or docx) will be sent to the site publisher after the review is complete.

If you would like to suggest a site for review please contact We especially encourage reviewing new sites to assure quality.


Thank you VERY MUCH for all of the work that you did reviewing our site. As someone who has developed some content to the site, it is exceptional to have clearly spelled out ideas of what can improve the site. I am looking forward to what we can put together and also am very appreciative of the assistance available. Thanks for making a difference!