WolfLync messaging allows you to view who is available and start an IM session with one or more of your colleagues simultanously.  You can also manage your contacts by organizing them into groups.

Presence | Instant Messaging | Managing Contacts


The Presence feature allows you to determine a contact's availability. Viewing a contact’s presence status allows you to determine if the contact is available and willing to communicate.  You can allow Lync to automatically update your presence based on your calendar or manually change your status.

Presence status's include:

  • AvailablePresence Status
  • Busy
  • In a Call
  • In a Meeting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Away
  • Offline

Instant Messaging

You can start an IM conversation by double-clicking a contact name in the Contacts list. Send an Instant MesageDouble-clicking a contact name opens the conversation window where you type your instant message and view responses from others.

You can start a group IM conversation by right-clicking a group you have created or by simply dragging and dropping an additional contact to an existing IM conversation you have started.












Create Custom Groups

Managing Contacts

You can create groups to help you organize your contacts. Lync automatically provides and populates a Frequent Contacts group based on the 10 contacts with whom you most often have conversations.

You can simply drag and drop contacts into the groups you have created.