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Alaska Student Providers Aspiring to Rural and Underserved eXperiences

Alaska SPARX is a multidisciplinary program created to encourage health-care students and other future health-care professionals to pursue practice in rural and urban medically underserved communities in Alaska.
      Alaska SPARX provides opportunities for pre-medical and health science students, educators and health-care professionals to interact, establishing a network of knowledge, support and communication. ALL health-care professionals, educators and students are invited to participate -- including, but not limited to, those in WWAMI, MEDEX, Geriatrics, Public Health, Pre-Med, Nursing, Dentistry and Allied Health programs.

The Alaska SPARX Program has been conceived to follow the model of the
SPARX program at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
To learn more about the UWSoM SPARX program, visit the
UWSoM SPARX Program Website





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