Reporting and Injury/Incident

There are multiple resources on how this is accomplished here at UAA.  This is a quickguide of information and an easy access how-to.  For a redirect to the full length policy on reporting, please click here.

The important thing to remember is ensure the employee / student / volunteer / affilliate / member of the public receives the care they need and that the incident is reported so that all of the associated actions can begin.

Following and incident:


1.  Ensure that the appropriate agencies are notified if the incident is an emergency (911).


2.  At least one form must be filled out post incident.  This form is here.  Please fill out and send to EHS.  Contact information is listed here.


3.  If medical care is sought and/or administered, Statewide Office of Risk Services must be notified and State Worker's Compensation paperwork must be accomplished.  SORS contact information is 786-1140 or


Both EHS & SORS have time constraints on filing with outside agencies, so your haste is appreciated.  Once you have contacted either one of these offices, personnel will guide you through the process.