UAA Post Disaster Damage Assessment Field Kits

These kits were designed for three person teams.  The checklist below can be utilized to verify current contents or build a new PDDAT Kit.

Center Compartment - Personal Protective Equipment

Quantity Item Check Check Check

3 pairs

goggles or safety glasses (must fit over regular eye glasses)             
3 sets ear plugs (highest rating)      
3 each dust masks (good quality)      
3 pairs gloves (puncture/laceration protection)      
3 each hard hats      
3 each hard hat liners      
12 each D batteries, one set of backups per flashlight      
3 each flashlight with extra batteries      
3 each whistle, loud, for signaling purposes, pinned to vest      
3 each safety vest (extra large to fit over winter clothing)      
3 each light sticks, high intensity white      
3 each drinking water bottle, 1 L size      
3 each dog biscuits, large      
1 roll caution tape         

Front Compartment

Quantity Item Check Check Check
1 each forms sleeve/protector, plastic         
1 set UAA building plans, footprints      
10 each Detailed Assessment Form, double-sided      
10 each Rapid Assessment Form      
10 each Fixed Equipment & Nonstructural Checklist      
30 each Inspected (Occupancy Permitted) Placard (Green)      
30 each Restricted Use Placard (Yellow)      
30 each Unsafe Placard (Red)      
1 each clipboard, plastic      
1 each PDDAT Inventory Sheet (the one you are looking at)                         

Right Side Compartment - Tools

Quantity Item Check Check Check
1 roll duct tape      
1 each Vise Grips, 8 inch      
1 roll rough surface masking tape      
1 each tape measure (25ft)      
1 each plumb bob with ten foot string                                                       

Left Side Compartment

Quantity Item Check Check Check
1 each note pad      
2 each pencils, mechanical      
1 each pen (indelible)      
1 each marker (indelible)      
1 each camera, digital w/ batteries      
1 each small first aid kit with latex gloves, CPR shield, and space blanket      

All of these items will be held in a duffle bag and ready for use.  The bag will be stored with the emergency supplies or in another appropriate storage area.