Equipment Hazard Management Forms

Most equipment has a specific way that it can be used safely.  Many times, the manufacturer will provide the information necessary to inform the user how to operate the equipment in a safe manner.  Where the manufacturer stops, most of the time, is in real-world application of the equipment.  Therefore, for every hazardous task involving equipment, it is important that a Job Hazard Assessment be accomplished; in this case it is known as Equipment Hazard Management.  The pre-made forms have good information on how to use the equipment in a safe manner in the real world.  The listed forms are not all-inclusive.  You may be using a piece of equipment that is listed, but the way it’s being used may require different steps to ensure safety.  Or you may have a piece of equipment that is not listed here.  For those cases, there is a blank form available below.  Please complete if necessary.  Whatever way that it is being accomplished, be sure that you have assessed the hazards of a piece of equipment and documented how you will mitigate those hazards.  For any questions, please contact our office.   

Blank Equipment Management Form


Air Compressor


Power Hacksaw

Angle Grinder

Hand-held Planer

Radial Arm Saw

Band Saw

Horizontal Borer

Reciprocating Saw

Belt Sander



Biscuit Joiner

Metal Lathe

Scrolling Saw

Bunsen or Meker Burner

MIG Welding

Spot Welder

Circular Saw

Orbital Sander

Table Router

Drill Press


Vehicle Jack

Drop Saw


Vertical Panel Saw

Electric Kiln

Power Drill

Wood Lathe