Safe Work Procedure Forms

There are many pieces of hazardous equipment located throughout the University.  This equipment, if used correctly, can be safe and productive for many, many years.  In order for Supervisors or Faculty to ensure that the equipment is being used correctly though, they should instruct their subordinates or students as to the correct use.  The forms provide here provide a platform for instruction on many pieces of equipment.  Additionally, and more importantly, they also provide a checklists for skills and abilities that one should have for operating a particular piece of equipment.  These forms are very helpful in a classroom setting where students may be asked to perform work involving a piece of equipment and require a proficiency examination to ensure they can perform said work safely.  If you find that you need a form for a piece of equipment which is not present on this list, there is a blank form located below.  Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with filling it out.  For any questions, please contact our office.


Blank Safe Work Procedure Form


Air Compressor


Power Hacksaw

Angle Grinder

Hand-held Planer

Radial Arm Saw

Band Saw

Horizontal Borer

Reciprocating Saw

Belt Sander



Biscuit Joiner

Metal Lathe

Scrolling Saw

Bunsen or Meker Burner

MIG Welder

Spot Welder

Circular Saw

Orbital Sander

Table Router

Drill Press


Vehicle Jack

Drop Saw


Vertical Panel Saw

Electric Kiln

Power Drill

Wood Lathe