Policies and Procedures

UAA's EHS/RMS Policies, Procedures, and Programs have been developed in accordance with UA Board of Regents' Policy & University Regulation, Chapter 05.09 Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety.  This Policy can be accessed by clicking here and scrolling down to 05.09.


UAA EHS/RMS Policies and Procedures

EHS is tasked with authoring policies and procedures which UAA will utilize to ensure that compliance with applicable governing agencies is maintained as well as maximizing the safety of an activity or operation.  The policies and procedures contained herein are generic and for most purposes cover the majority of the activities UAA employees will engage in under their employment here.  If your department or workcenter is participating in a higher-risk task (i.e. forklift operation or lockout/tagout), a more specific policy or procedure may need to be written specifically for your purposes.


UAA EHS/RMS Appendices

There are documents which include additional information about the policies and procedures above.  Those documents can be found at this link.