Incident Action Plans

While each building has it's own Building Emergency Plan, it is in the best interest of employees and students alike to be prepared for any emergency, regardless of location.  This link has several UAA Incident Action Plans inlcluding Fire Alarms, Pandemic Flu, Active Shooter, Suspicious Package, Disorderly Individual, and Shelter in place procedures for both business and home.


Emergency Preparedness Resources

The checklists are provided by the Denali Safety Council and contain information compiled from the following sources: American Red Cross, National Disaster Education Coalition, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Snow and Ice Data Center, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service. These checklists are provided in PDFs to facilitate printing.

The other useful links are to various agencies publishing emergency management information.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist Fire Safety Checklist Food, Water, & Medical Checklist Volcanic Ash Alert
Safeguarding Against Chemical and Biological Attack Terrorism Preparedness CDC's Emergency Preparedness Website

NOAA / Winter Storms:  The Deceptive Killers


Emergency Posters

If you need to print off emergency posters or you aren't sure what emergency information should be posted, the above link has all the information you need to know.



Other Places To Get UAA Safety & Emergency Notices

Local Radio/TV Broadcasters
E-mail Distributions From UAA
UAA Home Page
Wolf Radio: 1610 AM
907-786-1000 (General Info)
911 (Emergency)
907-786-1120 (UPD Business)
907-786-6980 (Maintenance)


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact EHS/RMS for assistance.