Child and Minor Safety

Operating a University of Alaska Anchorage program (event, camp, course, etc.) in which minors (under age 18) are going to participate requires special considerations. The information on this site will help you think through the various items that need to be considered prior to finalizing your program. Each of these guidelines may not always apply to regular academic (class-room) courses.  Please contact our office if you need assistance with your program structure or procedures.


If planning an event or program in which minors will be involved, this checklist examines the many aspects needing consideration during the planning stages:  Minors in UA Programs


If the event is a camp, there is more specific information which is required by Risk Management.  This information can be found here:  Camps for Minors & Risk Assessment for Camps


If you are organizing and event in which chaperones will be utilized for minors, the guideline can be found here:  Chaperone Guidelines for UA Events


In addition, children and minors are allowed in the workplace.  There are certain restrictions that must be adhered to though, and they can be found here:  Minors in the Workplace