Travel and Transportation Safety

Travel in Alaska can be demanding and, if unprepared, dangerous.  There are many factors to consider when traveling, whether for UAA or for pleasure; those factors can include weather, wildlife, remoteness, daylight & nighttime, mode of transportation, communication, or a host of other items.  Being prepared is the best way to increase the likelihood of success wherever your travels may take you.  Below are some excellent resources to maximize your safety and preparedness:


UA Remote Travel Safety Guide

UA Remote Travel Resource Guide

UAA Vehicle Insurance & Safety Tips

UA Transportation Safety Guide

Alaska Webcams

Auto Liability Self-Insurance Certificate

Student Driver Risk Assessment Tool

Web/Fax Access to DMV Records

Vehicle Renter/Travel Alert

Travel Abroad Leader Checklist

Alaska's Road Weather Information System

DMV Authorization for Auto Self-Insurance

When to Rent a Car for University Business Road Information


If you have any questions about the above information or questions about your upcoming travel, please do not hesitate to contact EHS.