PHYSICS 211 Prerequisites

The prerequisites for Physics 211 include a "calculus prerequisite" and a "physics prerequisite":


  • Math 251 (Calculus I, formerly Math 200) with a grade of C or higher, AND
  • Math 252 (Calculus II, formerly Math 201) with a grade of C or higher OR taking Math 252 concurrently

Physics: One semester of college-level physics, for which there are several possibilities accepted:

  • Physics 130 with a grade of C or higher, OR
  • Physics 123 with permission of instructor, OR
  • A passing grade in an equivalent course at another university, OR
  • A score of 3 or higher on the AP Physics 1 (non-calculus) exam, OR
  • A passing score on the departmental placement exam, offered at the Advising & Testing Center.

Physics 130 (a one-semester algebra-based course, "Survey of College Physics") is the recommended prerequisite for students who are new to physics, or need a refresher or additional preparation before taking the more difficult calculus-based series.  Physics 130 does not have a lab.

The placement test is recommended for students with knowledge and experience in physics, but who do not fulfill the prerequisite in some other way.  The test is offered by UAA's Advising and Testing Center; contact them directly for details, or go to their open hours (see to see what they are). The test covers material you'd encounter in a typical high school physics class.  You can only take this test once.

A passing score for the placement test is 18 or above. 

If you do fulfill the physics prerequisite but with something other than PHYS 130, UAA's computers will likely not recognize this automatically, and you'll need to get a prerequisite override in order to register.  See your academic advisor, or the instructor of PHYS 211, to help with this.  If you took physics at another university, be prepared to provide documentation of the course and the grade you got in it.

Check the Math & Natural Sciences Division Hub at 786-1298, or the instructor of PHYS 211, for further information.