Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination

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Why is UAA requiring everyone to complete Title IX Training?

NOTE: Please scroll to the end of this page for instructions to access Title IX training.

UAA is committed to working together to provide a healthy climate that ensures a safe environment on all UAA campuses in which to work and learn.

Part of creating a healthy community is providing campus-wide approaches to health and using tools such as Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination. The University of Alaska Anchorage takes its’ responsibility to ensure health and safety seriously – we want to work together with our entire UAA community to create the healthiest campus possible. UAA is committed to providing an academic environment where everyone can live, study, work and have fun safely.

Sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, is a national, state, community and campus issue. We recognize that we must work together to address this issue. We also recognize that training does make a difference by changing attitudes and raising awareness, therefore we support mandatory Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination for all faculty, staff and students.

The Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination module is an interactive online and educational training tool that provides information about sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination provides a basic understanding of the issues, available resources and how we can each support our friends, co-workers and fellow students who may be at risk for, or be impacted by this type of discrimination. With awareness comes the ability to take preventive measures to make our campuses safer.

Faculty, staff and students can champion prevention efforts and model the behaviors for our campus. Education on these issues will protect individuals in their own lives, identify ways to be in support of student survivors, and provide empowerment to help create change on campus.


Who is required to complete the Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination?

All students, faculty, and staff of the University of Alaska Anchorage and its community campuses.

What if I completed another training about sexual harassment and sexual violence at another school or with another employer?

Some individuals may have had previous sexual harassment including sexual violence training in another workplace or at another university. Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination is intended to be foundational but it also includes information about the university’s policies, how to report, resources available for our location and how we at UAA can support each other.  This training is mandatory regardless of previous training. 

When do I need to complete the training?

EMPLOYEES Completion date TBD. There is a 30-day intersession and then you will be invited to complete a survey, and in the case of students,  a short session on prevention, safety and supporting survivors.

STUDENTS Completion date TBD.

Does UAA have access to my course information?

The courses may include surveys to help personalize the experience and measure participants’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are anonymous – the institution will only receive aggregate survey data (i.e. for the group as a whole) and will never see individual answers. All survey responses are completely de-identified and are never tied to an individual participant's registration information. In addition, all survey questions are optional and are not required to complete the course.

What if I am under the age of 18?

This training is designed for students age 18 and over.  If you are a dual enrolled student (enrolled in high school and college courses) and under the age of 18, you are not required to complete this training.   

What if I take classes or teach at more than one UA campus?

This training is for all University of Alaska students, staff and faculty and is recorded on your UAOnline account.  This meets all campuses requirements.  Please be aware that contact, reporting and resource information will be different for different locations.  Each main campus has information for its location published on its websites. 

What if the content makes me uncomfortable?

If you are uncomfortable at any time during the training, stop and contact our Employee Assistance program at ComPsych® directly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (866) 465-8934 or use the TDD at (800) 697-0353, or the Student Health and Counseling Center at 907-786-4040, option 3.  You can also click here to fill out the online opt out form

What are minimum system requirements?

Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination supports any major web browser such as Microsoft IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  However, some browsers may require Adobe Flash for multimedia content. Haven courses are compatible with tablets. (Mobile Safari on iOS version or later running on iPad 2 or later, and the default browser on Android version 4.4+ (KitKat or later).  Courses will not work on smartphones.

What if I have technical problems?

If you experience any difficulties accessing Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination or require support, the Online Technical Support Center is available 24/7/365.  Click on the "Help" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination screen or you can call 1-866-384-9062 or visit support.everfi.com for technical assistance

Who should I contact if I need an accommodation?

If you require an accommodation, please contact Ever-Fi Haven at 1-866-384-9062 or accessibility@everfi.com

Am I a responsible employee?

Anyone employed by the university is a “responsible employee” under Title IX. Being a responsible employee means that you must report all relevant details regarding alleged incidents of sexual harassment or sexual assault that you become aware of to your campus Title IX coordinator within 24 hours.  You can email a report to uaa_titleix@alaska.edu or call 907-786-0818.

How do I access the training?

Instructions for Completion by Faculty/Staff

Log on to UAOnline

Select Employee Services

Select Employee E-Learning

Select Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination for Faculty & Staff

Log into EverFi using your UAA credentials

If you do not see "Haven for Faculty and Staff" in your "Current Courses", you will need to click the green  "Add Course" tab in the upper right hand corner, and add the module to your "Current Courses" tab

You may start and stop as your time permits.  Session is approximately 1 hour.  

Instructions for Completion by Students

Log on to UAOnline using your UAA credentials

Select Student Services and Account Information

Select Student Training

Select Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination which is targeted or students ages 18-24.


Select Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination Plus for post-baccalaureate and non-traditional students ages 24 and up.

You may start and stop as your time permits.  Session is approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.