PDF Accessibility

Creating Accessible PDFs from Accessible Word Files

We have 100s, no 1000s of PDFs, on UAA’s website that will need to be made accessible. The easiest way to create an accessible PDF is to create the document in a program that is setup for making accessible documents. Most Microsoft Office programs are designed to make the document created in them accessible and then convert them to an accessible PDF. For most documents Microsoft Word is the best choice. It is important to create your document in the correct way or it will not be accessible. Look in the Resources section at the bottom of this page for help additional help with specific programs. 

How-to Resources from Training 

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Creating Accessible PDFs without a Word file 

This is more tedious than working from an accessible Word file. Here are some scenarios:

  • To create an accessible PDF when you don't have the original Word file, either:
      1. Edit in Adobe Acrobat
      2. Save as a Word file and edit
  • To create an accessible PDF from a scanned document means either
      1. Running Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the PDF and editing the text or
      2. Retyping the document in Word
  • Creating accessible PDFs from files created in InDesign is yet another option. Editing files in Acrobat to make them accessible is tedious.
  • Creating accessible PDF's from other