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Latest Capitol Report June 19, 2017

Miles Baker's latest Capitol Report was filed Tuesday June 19, 2017. Read it here.

President Johnsen's FY18 OMB message
December 15, 2016

Yesterday Governor Walker released his proposed operating budget for Fiscal Year 2018. Significantly, and for the first time in three years the University of Alaska's funding has not been reduced from the previous fiscal year. The Governor has maintained level funding for the university at $325 million.

The university recognizes the significant budget challenges facing our state and the challenges of prioritizing program funding across a broad variety of needs, and it is reassuring to know that the Governor's level funding request recognizes the significant strides we are making through your hard work, and through Strategic Pathways, to become more focused and more efficient in how we perform our mission.

The Governor's commitment to education is especially notable in light of his goal to reduce overall state spending as well as to increase revenue. We also are focused on generating additional sources of revenue by continuing to emphasize the importance of research, implementing aggressive enrollment strategies, gradually increasing tuition, monetizing physical assets, partnering with the private sector, and encouraging more philanthropy.

The Regents have identified high priority areas for investment over last year's funding level. During the coming legislative session, we will continue to work with Governor Walker and the legislature to underscore the value of investing in the University of Alaska and advocate for our needs.

Jim Johnsen

Link to OMB FY18 Budget page https://www.omb.alaska.gov//


UAA FY17 Budget Contingency Planning as of April 15, 2016

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, the conference committee met to reconcile the different House and Senate budgets for the University of Alaska. On a 5-1 vote, they accepted the House's version, $300 million, a $50 million cut over what the university received in FY16. This is not considered final.

At the April 7, 2016 Board of Regents meeting, President Jim Johnsen delivered a presentation on university contingency planning based on the pending, but still unknown, FY17 financial support from the state of Alaska. The target reduction for UAA is $19-$28 million.

President Johnsen’s slides regarding UAA’s budget contingency plan are posted at right under UAA FY17 Budget Contingency Plan. You’ll find more detail in that report under each of these items:

  • Academic College and Community Campus: target reduction $7.7 million; positions impacted 151
  • Academic Infrastructure (Provost/Library): target reduction $1.8 million; positions impacted 2
  • Student Affairs: target reduction $1.3 million; positions impacted 23
  • University Advancement & Chancellor’s Office: target reduction $500,000; positions impacted 15
  • Administrative Services: target reduction $3.9 million; positions impacted 22
  • Tuition and fee increases beyond the 5 percent already approved for FY17
  • UAA-wide Broad Level Plan: target reduction $9.1 million

Podcast: April 15, 2016 UAA FY17 Budget Forum

Chancellor Tom Case and the Cabinet joined UAA staff, faculty and students for an open forum on UAA's FY17 Budget. That podcast is available here. The slides that Bill Spindle presented at the open forum can be found at right in the button titled 4/15/16 Budget Forum PowerPoint.

Podcasts: Strategic Pathways forums with President Jim Johnsen from April 12, 2016 are available online

University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen held open forums for UAA governance groups, faculty and staff, and students to discuss Strategic Pathways and other issues facing the university on Tuesday, April 12, in the Student Union South Cafeteria. Podcasts for those open forums are available at the following links:

UA and UAA Budget Snapshot

UA received $350 million in general funds from the state of Alaska in FY16 on a total operating budget of $916 million. The Board of Regents requested $377 million for FY17, an increase of $27 million for fixed costs like salaries and benefits, utilities and maintenance and targeted investments in key areas such as library journal subscriptions.

The House has passed a UA operating budget of $300 million, or a 14.6 percent reduction in state support. For UAA, this means a $24.2 million budget gap.

The Senate has passed a UA operating budget of $324.9 million, or a 7.4 percent reduction in state support. For UAA, this means a $15.2 million gap. 

The conference committee voted 5-1 April 14, 2016 to accept the House version.

The Legislature named a conference committee to resolve the budget difference between House and Senate. Members include Senators Pete Kelly, Anna MacKinnon and Lyman Hoffman, and Representatives Mark Neuman, Steve Thompson and Les Gara. The Senate budget includes $100 million in unallocated cuts. If adopted, the governor must allocate those cuts to state agencies, potentially including the university, in the weeks or months after the session ends.


Please use the assets on this page to understand the state and the university budget situation for FY17.  We welcome your engagement on the form below. Name and email are optional, but please include your email if you would like a response back. Watch the UAA Budget FY17 blog for shared ideas. If you don't want your budget ideas shared on the blog for crowd-sourcing purposes, please indicate that in writing with your idea.

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