Proposal Evaluation Guidelines and Scoring Rubric

All proposals that pass through the initial screening (Stage 1) will then be evaluated by the proposal evaluators on the following weighted criteria. Scores of 1-5 (1=low and 5=high) should be assigned in each category.

Note to committee members: Please add (brief) comments in addition to the scores in each of these categories. These will also be summarized prior to deliberations. Those committee members who have proposals in the evaluation pool will recuse themselves from scoring/discussion of their own submissions.

To assist with reviews, questions are posed in each of the areas to help frame considerations. These are provided for guidance only.

  1. Soundness of project design (40%):
    • Is the project designed in such a way that the stated goals and objectives can be met? Is the design clear and understandable?
  2. Project responsiveness to award purpose and criteria (30%):
    • Does the proposal clearly respond to the criteria set forth in the RFP?
  3. Potential impact of project on Alaska communities (10%):
    • How broad could the impact of this project be?
    • How significant could the impact of this project be?
  4. Project management (10%):
    • Does the organization and management of the project align with the stated goals and objectives?
    • Do the project’s principal applicant(s) and other personnel have the experience and qualifications to manage the proposed work?
    • Does the project fit within UAA’s mission and are appropriate collaborations identified?
  5. Project costs (10%):
    • Is the budget aligned with the project and is it well justified?