Diversity Action Plan

The University of Alaska Anchorage has initiated a process to create a Diversity Action Plan. UAA recognizes the significance of having a Diversity Action Plan, and believes that it will have positive impacts for the University and the community. As the nation has become more globalized and seen a rise in diversified societies within, Universities and Colleges have established similar plans to meet their growing needs.  Alaska has a rich multi-cultural base and our University's student body reflects this. The goal is to create an approach that integrates all voices and constituencies in order to create a platform for Diversity and Inclusion at UAA. The plan will strive to emphasize social inclusion and equity through purposeful involvement and engagement of the full range of campus and community stakeholders. These efforts are designed to contribute to and enhance the rich, diverse and inclusive environment at UAA where all are welcome and encourage to thrive.

Dr. E. Andre Thorn
Director, UAA Multicultural Center
Dr. Robert Boeckmann
Professor of Psychology
Dr. Maria Williams
Director, UAA Alaska Native Studies Program

Overview of Diversity Action Plan Development

This one-page document describes the initiation of the Diversity Action Plan process, the rationale for establishing that process, the broad goals of the process, key features of the process, and the timeline and ultimate goals for the Diversity Action Plan.

Preliminary Diversity Summit with UAA Diversity Leaders

Th Diversity Action Plan tri chairs began the Diversity Action Plan development process by inviting UAA Diversityy leaders to come together and share what they believe to be are UAA's diversity assets, UAA's challenges with regard to diversity, and aid the tri chairs in identifying stakeholders critical to supporting diversity and inclusive excellence at UAA.

Invitation to Diversity Summit

Diversity Summit Participant Presentations


UAA is excited to announce that UAA is developing a Diversity Action Plan that will guide us in embracing diversity in the broadest sense, strengthening our campus community and enriching the connections we have to Alaska and the world.  

The Chancellor has appointed Dr. Andre Thorn (Director of UAA's Multicultural Center), Dr. Maria Williams (Director of Alaska Native Studies program) and Dr. Robert Boeckmann (Professor of Psychology) to lead this effort.

They will be reaching out to all the students, faculty, staff, and administration  to seek their input on what UAA is doing well around diversity and what important challenges remain to strenthen our support of our diverse community and to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported in reaching their goals at UAA.

This year the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan leaders will be holding focus groups and inviting you to share your views in a variety of other formats.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities, so that our Diversity and Action Plan reflects your voice and guides us toward a stronger future together.

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