UAA HERS Women's Leadership Network

With the support of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the UAA HERS Women's Leadership Network aims to create an inclusive, supportive and engaged network of higher education women leaders at UAA and to empower HERS alumnae to facilitate the selection process for summer institute participants.

We are inspired by our experience at HERS and by the support we receive from each other at UAA. This is an opportunity for us to connect, share, and lead together.

- -Susan Kalina, HERS 2011, Dewain Lee, HERS 2012, Hilary Seitz, HERS 2011


Leading in Uncertain Times


A conversation with Judith White

President and Executive Director, HERS


Friday, August 19th

11:00-12:00 in Lucy's Dining Room in Cuddy Hall* (Please note the location change) 




Hosted by the UAA HERS Women's Leadership Network and the Chancellor's Cabinet



*Please email for information on connecting from other locations.

HERS President Judith White

About HERS and Dr. White

HERS is dedicated to creating and sustaining a community of women leaders through leadership development programs and other strategies with a special focus on gender equity within the broader commitment to achieving equality and excellence in higher education. For nearly 40 years, HERS has been answering this call to action by providing a curriculum of leadership development to advance women to senior leadership positions throughout the ranks of faculty and staff.

Dr. Judith White has been President and Executive Director of HERS since June 2005. She directs HERS leadership and partnership initiatives, including the HERS Summits for Women Presidents & Chancellors and research collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership. Before coming to HERS, Dr. White was an administrator and faculty member at Duke University, Dartmouth College, and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. She has been a Senior Fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities and serves on the board of Re:Gender. She earned her A.B. at Princeton, M.A. at Columbia, and Ph.D. at the University of Virginia.

UAA HERS Alumnae

  • 2015
    Paola Banchero (Denver)
    Claudia Lampman (Bryn Mawr)
    Kathleen McCoy (Denver)
    Rachel Morse (Bryn Mawr)
  • 2014
    Diane Hirshberg (Bryn Mawr)
    Tara Smith (Bryn Mawr)
    Elizabeth Dennison (Denver)
    Kristin Desmith (Denver)
    Paula Martin (Denver)
  • 2013
    Jeane Breinig (Denver)
    Sandi Culver (Denver)
    Sarah Gerken (Denver)
    Lacy Karpilo (Bryn Mawr)
    Theresa Lyons (Bryn Mawr)
  • 2012
    Dewain Lee (Bryn Mawr)
    Deb Russ (Bryn Mawr)
  • 2011
    Susan Kalina (Denver)
    Hilary Seitz (Denver)
  • 2007
    Jodee Kawasaki (Denver)
  • 2005
    Diane Erickson (Bryn Mawr)
    Donna Gail Shaw (Bryn Mawr)
  • 2002
    Claudia Dybdahl (Bryn Mawr)
    Elizabeth Sirles (Bryn Mawr)