Staff and Faculty Recognition

Task Force on Staff and Faculty Recognition


  • Christine Lidren, Senior Administrative Manager, College of Arts & Sciences Admin Office
  • Greg Myford, Director of Athletics


  • Betty Hernandez, Faculty / HR Specialist, College of Health
  • Steven Godfrey, Professor Ceramics/Department Chair, Department of Art
  • Becky Beck, Director, Alaska Minority Business Development Center
  • James Yauney, Lead Senior HRS Consultant, Human Resource Services
  • Krystal Offord, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Division of Math and Natural Sciences
  • Dawn Humenik, Administrative Assistant, Student Government - Union of Students
  • Ryan Buccholdt, Sustainability & Business Manager Facilities & Campus Services
  • Shelley Wozniak, Communications Officer, College of Health Office of the Dean
  • Bridgett Dyson, Special Events Manager, Advancement
  • James Sandoval, Fiscal Manager, Fiscal Office
  • Erik Hirschmann,  Professor, Social Science & History



During the chancellor’s initial conversations with individuals and groups from through the university, the need to organize and perhaps to expand various employee recognition programs. A large number of recognition events occur throughout the year, but these are scattered across the university and may not be adequately promoted or communicated across the entire university. Faculty and staff work hard and have many achievements, including long-term work anniversaries, and deserve greater recognition.

This Task Force is asked to make recommendations to the chancellor on how UAA can improve how it recognized faculty and staff achievements. These recommendations should take for form of a list or “menu” of different practices that we can implement over time using reasonable resource expenditures (people and money).


Charge to the Task Force

  • Specific questions the task force will address include:
    Current state analysis. What is the current state of faculty and staff recognition at UAA? What are the different categories of recognition we need to address?
  • Best practice peer review. What do similar institutions do in the area of employee recognition? Who within the institution oversees such programs? How do they measure effectiveness?
  • Needs assessment. What do faculty and staff expect in terms of recognition? (If you conduct any surveys, please work with a social science faculty member with survey expertise to design the survey.)
  • Policies. What policies might be barriers to enhancing recognition programs needed at UAA?
  • Outcome measures. What measures might we use to track progress in training and development?
  • Desired future state. Based on answers to questions above, what are various options for a more robust and systematic employee recognition program at UAA? (Be realistic, but do not restrict your thinking due to resource concerns.)



Please provide your recommendations to the chancellor by May 31, 2019

Following steps

  • Chancellor will review recommendations
  • Recommendations will be circulated to campus community for input
  • Chancellor will review input and further consult with shared governance, cabinet and others
  • Chancellor will announce a decision
  • Implementation will begin immediately

Mission Alignment of this Task Force

There is nothing explicit in our mission, strategic plan or in system mission or priorities (including Strategic Pathways or UA 2025 Goals and Measures) that refer to recognition or faculty or staff. However, we cannot fulfill our mission without highly motivated and productive faculty and staff who feel recognized and appreciated for their commitment and achievements.


Final Report