Administrative Review

FY20 Administrative Review

What is administrative review?

UAA committed to conducting administrative reviews to provide transparency for fiscal year ’21 and ’22 (FY21 and FY22) budget reductions. Cabinet developed questions to assist in expedited reviews of administrative areas. The information requested focuses on how reductions will impact our capacity to serve students and fulfill UAA’s mission.     

Why are we doing administrative reviews?

To address continuing fiscal challenges, the University of Alaska Board of Regents charged each university to conduct an expedited review process for our academic programs. Administrative reviews are being done at the same time as the academic AY20 Expedited Program Reviews.


The following is a list of questions received from individuals and groups about the FY20 Administrative Review process. We will continue to add to the FAQs as we receive additional questions.


Q: Why are we doing administrative reviews?

A: In in October 2019, the University of Alaska Board of Regents charged the universities to conduct expedited program reviews to meet the new fiscal reality of a $70 million state budget cut to the university system over a three-year period. This cut influenced the board to direct UAA to consolidate programs and services quickly to meet our share of the fiscal year ’21 reduction. In addition to reviewing academic programs, UAA is also reviewing administrative units.  

Q: What is the larger plan for budget decisions, and how do administrative reviews fit into that plan?

A: While we are also looking at academic programs, UAA always looks first to administrative cuts. Reductions to UAA’s portion of state-appropriated funding have been substantial. The administrative review process will ensure we have both quantitative and qualitative data for making difficult, but fair, decisions.

Q: Will the university review of administrative structures include meaningful staff and faculty involvement to determine how savings can be achieved through reduction in administrative costs?

A: Yes, there will be a review process of administrative areas, and we will consult with governance groups as we put that process in place.

Q: What is the feedback window?

A: At each step of the process, the documents will be posted on the Administrative Review website. The window for feedback from Governance and campus community will be March 12-18th. A feedback tool will be made available on the Administrative Review website during this time. The chancellor will review all feedback and begin decision rollout on March 23.

Q: How will the University of Alaska system and Board of Regents be involved in this process?

A: Administrative reductions will be included and in the FY 21 budget request to the Board of Regents.

Q: If I am a student, what should I know about this process?

A: We will keep students informed throughout the process. This is a multistep process, and the findings will be posted along the way on the Administrative Review website. 

Deadline Task
Thursday, February 6 Administrative Review documents -- questionnaire, process and timeline -- are distributed to UAA Community via email message from Chancellor Sandeen. Vice Chancellors and functional leads receive documents with instructions for responding.
Wednesday, February 26 Administrative areas submit completed questionnaires to Vice Chancellors for posting to the Administrative Review website.
Wednesday, March 4 After reviewing available data and completed questionnaires, Vice Chancellors submit findings/recommendations for Chancellor, and for posting to the Administrative Review website.
Wednesday, March 11 Campus Planning Advisory Board (CPAB) provides input to the Chancellor, with a copy to the Vice Chancellors and for posting to the Administrative Review website.
March 9-18 Solicit input from Governance and campus community.
Monday, March 23 Chancellor’s decision rollout begins.