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Order Your Textbooks Online

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Important Spring Dates

Spring rentals due date 05/06/17
Buyback - Best Prices 05/01/17 - 05/08/17

Important Summer Dates

Student account charge period 05/15/17 - 06/27/17
Online reservations pick-up 05/15/17
Textbooks available in-store 05/15/17

Upcoming Closures          

 Memorial Day 5/29/17
Closed for inventory
For textbooks please call 786-4759 and special
arrangements can be made
6/28/17 - 6/30/17
Indenpendence Day Holiday 7/1/17 - 7/4/17



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    Check out the Spring Blowout Sale!
    bookstore spring blowout sale

  • The Drowsy Wolf Cafe

    Drowsy Wolf logo. A coffee stained wolf sleepingThe Drowsy Wolf Cafe

    Monday Magic Word: Every Monday, tell your barista the magic word and get 50¢ off your drink. This week's magic word is Picnic

    Weekly Special: Get 50¢ off the featured special all week. This week's special is MILKEY WAY MOCHA 
  • Special Events 

    To see a list of our upcoming events, check out our Special Events Calendar


    There is free parking for Bookstore events in the South Lot (in front of the Bookstore), West Campus Central Lot (behind Rasmuson Hall), Sports Lot, and Sports NW Lot.  

    There is free parking on campus Fridays and Saturdays.  


    To request American Sign Language accommodation, give a minimum of five (5) business days advance notice to repstein2@alaska.edu or (907) 786-4782.

    For additional information on events, please contact Rachel Epstein, the events coordinator, at (907) 786-4782.  


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