Instagram Contest

Instagram contest


Contestants have from Monday, August 21 at 7 a.m. through Friday, August 25 at 6 p.m. to complete as many of the tasks as possible. You must document completed tasks by posting a photo of yourself to Instagram at the location indicated by the task.

  • You must tag yourself, tag the Bookstore @uaa_bookstore, and include the hashtag #UAABookstoreGo, in order for it to be counted.

  • When visiting departments, please stick to the public areas and make sure to ask permission before taking employees pictures.

  • Contestants will receive one entry in the raffle for the first task performed and oneadditional entry for every three tasks completed and posted after that.  We will be giving away a $300 textbook scholarship to three participants in this year's Scavenger Hunt.

  • Follow @uaa_bookstore on Instagram and Twitter in advance of the event –we’ll be playing along. Winners will be announced August 28.

  • Help: If you need help figuring out a clue send us a tweet @uaa_bookstore

Download The Scavenger Hunt List

  • Scavenger hunt list 

    Download the list here.

    1. Find UAA’s welcoming sign to the U-MED district
    2. Salute a UPD officer
    3. Grab a pizza slice from this marketplace (Cuddy Hall)
    4. Find one of the two places to get your ID card on campus
    5. Make a visit to the Health Center on campus
    6. Find the home of Disability Support Services
    7. Get your workout done in one of our fitness centers
    8. Explore and develop your Career at this Center
    9. Find the home of the Union of Students
    10. Take a picture with a Bookstore Cashier or Textbook Aide
    11. Find the home for UAA’s 88.1 FM station
    12. Pet a rock Lion
    13. Check out the Drowsy Wolf Café’s weekly special
    14. Visit the one place on campus where you can mail a package, buy stamps and get your class presentation printed and mounted on foam core.
    15. Take a picture of the canoe shaped building, home to the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program
    16. Find AHAINA’s home
    17. Check out a library book
    18. Find a copy of The Northern Light newspaper
    19. Take a pic with the little girl reading on a bench
    20. Find UAA’s biggest art piece
    21. Talk to the folks at Parking Services
    22. Pick the best seat to watch a Seawolves basketball game
    23. Sing Baloo’s song at the Bear Necessities
    24. Take a picture of Chester Creek from the spine

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