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The Great Uncomformity PosterApr. 24, 2017

5:00 - 7:00 pm

The Great Unconformity 

Kate Troll’s new book, The Great Unconformity: Reflections on Hope in an Imperiled World, is an adventure memoir wrapped up in the global events of sustainability and climate change. Kate Troll is an activist on the front line of climate change. With twenty-two years of experience in fish politics, coastal management and energy policy, as well as being an elected official, her insights, advice, and guidance—includ ing “hope spots”-- on how to proceed is in our changing times will be shared.

• Executive Director of the Alaska Conservation Voters

• Executive Director for United Fishermen of Alaska

• Fisheries development specialist and policy analyst for the State of Alaska.

• Regional Fisheries Director (North and South America) for the Marine Stewardship Council, a global eco-label program.

• Elected twice to public office, serving on the Juneau-Douglas Borough and on Ketchikan Borough Assembly.

The Life and Poetry of Randi Owens PosterApr. 26, 2017

5:00 - 7:00 pm

The Life and Poetry of Randi Owens

A poet since childhood, Randi Owens shares her 3 collections of poetry dated 1969-1973, 1974-1995, and 1996-2016. As a young child Randi survived the death of both her parents and a disparaging upbringing by writing poems, reading books and discovering that “there is more to life than what I was living”. Her poetry lives beyond the page and is full of deep thoughts, meaning and emotion.

Yaruhito Nakasato-Artist of the Outside Looking In PosterApr. 29, 2017

1:00 - 3:00 pm

Yasuhito Nakasato: Artist of the Outside Looking In

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yasuhito Nakasato came to Alaska in 2010 to study graphic design art at UAA. After he graduated UAA, he started to experiment making drawings out of acrylic. As an artist, much of his inspiration came from studying Art History with Professor Charles Sean Licka where he came to realize “anything is possible in art”. At this event, Yasu will discuss his artwork, what motivates his artistic expression and creative passion

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