Distributed Copier Service (DCS)

Please note that Jeff Smithis no longer with UAA.  We have begun our recruitment and are hopeful to have the position filled by early May.  In the meantime, the Distributed Copier Service (fleet) program tasks have been temporarily distributed among other GSS Copy & Print Center employees as follows:

Machine orders/removals/replacements – Danny Kennedy (Copy & Print Center Supervisor – dwkennedy@alaska.edu, 786-6862)
Supply orders/inventory – Nicole Fenton|(Copy & Print Center Customer Service Representative – uaa.copy@alaska.edu, 786-6860)
Customer questions/support – Nicole Fenton (if not requiring service call to vendor). Nicole will route as appropriate.
As in the past, any billing questions should be referred to LynnAnn Briske.  (GSS Fiscal manager – lbriske@alaska.edu, 786-1195)

We appreciate your patience during this transition and please be assured we are committed to quality service to you as our customers.  Feel free to contact either Danny Kennedy or myself directly if you have any concerns or questions.

Lease Information

Royal Business Systems Contract Information

Machines ordered beginning July 1, 2018 

  • Introductory Memo

    May 24, 2018

     TO:              UAA Anchorage Campus Community

    FROM:        Kim Stanford, Director, UAA General Support Services

    Subject:     New Distributed Copy Service (DCS) Contract


    I am pleased to announce that a new Distributed Copier Service (DCS) contract has been awarded to Royal Business Systems. This contract will allow for placement of new leased machines for three years (July 2018 – June 2021) and will be administered by UAA General Support Services. New machines may be ordered by departments and placed up through June 30, 2021, with each machine under a 36 month obligation. The objective of this contract is to continue to provide cost-effective, quality multifunction copiers to UAA departments.  The new contract commences on July 1, 2018, with departments able to order under this new contract for new machines or as their previous contract expires.  Machines that are under the previous contract may not be exchanged/replaced until the previous contract expires on that machine. Monthly lease rates to departments for most lots remained relatively stable under the new contract, with some pricing decreasing slightly and some increasing slightly based on the new vendor rates.


    Under the Royal Business Systems contract, UAA Departments will continue to have a choice of Seven (7) black and white copiers and three (3) color copiers from which to select.   University of Alaska Anchorage departments will be asked to select the available machine that best fits their needs.  The cost of each copier is based on a monthly rate that includes basic copier lease cost, maintenance, toner, staples and a specified number of monthly copies.  Any copies over the monthly allowable will be charged as overages to the department. Fax board and coin-op selections are available on specified models only and will incur additional flat monthly charges.


    Details regarding rates and the capabilities of each machine are provided as an attachment and also available on the General Support Services/Distributed Copier Services web page at www.uaa.alaska.edu/copy .


    After reviewing this information, departments are requested to submit their specific copier requirements to GSS by completing the Distributed Copier Services (DCS) Contract also available online.  Machines will be placed approximately 30 days from order submission.


    If you have any questions or would like assistance in evaluating the available options for your department, please contact Jeff Smith at 786-1035 (jlsmith@alaska.edu).

Order Form

Copier Drivers 


Mac Driver

Windows Driver 






Ricoh Contract Information

 (Units placed July 1, 2015 -June 30, 2018)

Service Deficiency Claim Form

How to Change Email Settings on Ricoh MFD



Ricoh Copier Descriptions

Black and White Copiers

Ricoh MP 2501SP
Ricoh MP 2554 SP
Ricoh MP 3554 SP
Ricoh MP 5002 SP
Ricoh MP 6002 SP
Ricoh MP 7502 SP
Ricoh MP 9002 SP

Color and Black/White Combination Copiers

Ricoh MPC 2503
Ricoh MPC 4503
Ricoh MPC 6003


Rioch Copier Drivers


Drivers for Ricoh machines under this contract are available for download from the Ricoh Support and Downloads site:  https://www.ricoh-usa.com/en/support-and-download#

1. Enter your model number in “Search for drivers by entering your product information”

rioch support 2. Your model number and available information/downloads will come up at the bottom of the same section.
Click on the model number under “Driver.”

rioch23. You will be shown the software license agreement – select “I Agree.”
rioch34. All current available drivers will be shown. UAA uses the latest Postscript 3 Driver.



For additional assistance please contact (907) 786-1035.