Surplus sale 

April Surplus sale: at the UAA warehouse on 4111 ingra street April Sale GSS Surplus sale. At the UAA Warehouse  on 4111 ingra street.
Departmental selection: April 23 and 25. 9 am -4 pm. 
Open to the public: Feb 27. 10 am - 2 pm. 

General Support Services Important information for UAA Departments: Thursday May 17 GSS will close at 10 AM for departmental training. no mail routes this day. No incoming or out going mail will be processed.  Recycling pickups will be rescheduled to other days that week.

  • Computer moniters on racks
    Need a monitor... how about 2! 
  • Computer desk with rotating chair
    Desks and chairs available!
  • Surplus sail inventory, rows of Mac / PC computers and other electronics. Tables, chairs,  computer cables in tubs run along the wall.
    The UAA Surplus Sale!




    The United States Postal Service (USPS) are increasing rates: 
    First Class Mail increase from $0.49 to $0.50 (first ounce)
    All Priority Mail flat rates will increase.
    Questions?  More information can be found online at: or call the UAA Mailroom at 786-1108.
    Courtesy of your UAA Seawolf Postal team.

  • Current Mail Routes

    Please feel free to contact our Seawolf Postal Express team at 786-1108 ( or me directly at 786-4668 
    ( if you have any questions.

    Updated Mail Routesstacked mail



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