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UAA Warehouse at 4111 ingra street

What We Do

Surplus & Relocation is providing services as needed for essential and timely needs. This involves surplus property services related
to Facilities project deadlines or other needs that cannot be
postponed at this time.  In addition, if a UAA department is
assigning staff or faculty to work from home, Surplus & Relocation will provide a service to deliver the employee's computer and up to one box of other materials from campus to the home if the
employee is unable to do so due to physical limitations. There will be no charge for this service. 

Departments must adhere to a specific process that includes: 
  1. Department must make sure documentation has been done to allow for University equipment to be taken off campus to a personal residence using the UA form.
  2. Department authority (not the individual working from home)
    should email Surplus with the request and note what items are
    to be moved, the current (on campus) location, the residence address for delivery, and a contact name and phone number for
    the employee receiving the items so we can coordinate delivery.
  3. Department should disconnect all equipment and have it ready
    to be picked up - preferably boxed, but we'll box it if needed.
  4. GSS staff will NOT enter the residence or set up any
    items/equipment. Property will be delivered to the front door or lobby of residence. 

Computers From Surplus 

Requests for computers from surplus must go through IT Services. For information or to make a request see the Service for New and Repurposed Computer on the UAA Seawolf Tech Portal. Customers who contact GSS directly will be redirected to IT Services Technical Support Center.


Requesting furniture from UAA Surplus to accommodate work from home.
UAA Surplus is pleased to offer items to employees to help accommodate work from home needs. Please note the terms of such use provided below:

1) It is important that the department’s request considers the most appropriate selection/use of property – items must be specifically limited to what is needed for work from home and no other purpose.
2) Authorization for Off Campus Use of University Equipment” must be filled out and signed by dean/director/dept head. Should be scanned/emailed to UAA Surplus prior to scheduling delivery or pick up of item(s). Any fields that are not relevant, please leave blank or note “N/A.” 

3) The department is responsible for ensuring item is returned when the employee is no longer working from home or if their employment status changes. Should be coordinated with UAA Surplus or documentation provided if item is moved to a campus location.

4) UAA Surplus will deliver to the front door or garage of residence.  No entry into a residence or setup services will be provided. The employee/department is responsible for verifying the item(s) can be easily delivered - large/heavy items may require the department procuring the services of a moving company if the two Surplus staffers cannot deliver without additional safety risk. This would include multiple sets of stairs, narrow stairways, etc.


Surplus Sales: GovDeals

UAA General Support Services and the Surplus team has implemented a new online method for departments to view inventory and claim items.  In addition, this will include a new method for external sales as well!  Our public sales are also online only - no in person warehouse sales are anticipated to be scheduled going forward.

Here's how it works!


Restricted Access:

All Mailroom and Copy & Print Center business by appointment only - NO WALK INS.
Please call Mailroom (786-1108) or Copy & Print Center (786-6860) to schedule. 

For Warehouse Entry:
Restricted Access: All UAA Surplus business by appointment only - NO WALK INS.
Please call Surplus (786-1959) to schedule an appointment. 
NO public warehouse sales are scheduled. Future public sales will be online only. 
more information available online at

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

What's At Surplus For You

  • Buckets of cords.
    Need a cord?... how about 2! 
  • Stacks of CPUs
    Need a CPU? 
  • selining light cans with lights
    This will help light your way.
  • glass display case
    Show off some of you collectables in a super cool display case.  
  • tables filled with printers.
    For your scanning and printing needs.
  • stacks of differnt kinds of stackable chairs
    You might want to sit down for this one ... 
  • metal and wood desks with tv sitting on top
    Good for the office or at home we get in all sorts of desk units.



Departmental Surplus Pick-Up & Delivery

Please review the Surplus Property Policy before requesting pick-up or delivery.


  • Surplus property does NOT include office supplies, trash, or personal items. These items will not be picked up.

  • Electronics for surplus will be assessed an electronics recycling surcharge fee and an org/fund must be provided prior to pick up.

  • Allow at least one to two weeks for your surplus request to be met. We will always be faster when we can!

  • We provide disposal services to the landfill at a billable hourly rate for approved items.

When you send us an email to schedule pick-up or delivery, please include:

Contact name
Contact telephone number
Location of items for pick-up
A list of the items for pick-up

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  •  Departments with surplus property to be picked up may either use the form available or email a list of items /  location to
  • We are usually scheduling 1-2 weeks out. Computers and other electronics items will incur an electronics recycling surcharge. An org/fund is required prior to any electronics pick up.
  • We are usually scheduling 1-2 weeks out. Computers and other electronics items will incur an electronics recycling surcharge. An org/fund is required prior to any electronics pick up.



Forms & Documents

 Form Instructions


Contact Information

(907) 786-1959