UAA Surplus

UAA Warehouse at 4111 ingra street

Surplus Sales:
Open to public: 
Friday, August 17, 2018

Departmental Selection: 
Monday, August 13, 2018
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 

located at the UAA Warehouse, 4111 Ingra street.


Departments seeking more than five (5) computers at one time should have their department head send a written request via email to Individual staff members will not be able to take more than five (5) computers for departmental use without a pre-approved request received from their department head.

Whats waiting at surplus for you?

  • Computer moniters mounted together.
    Need a monitor... how about 2! 
  • All in one computers in a row on a shelf
    All in one computers ready to go. 
  • Box of key boards
    Type the night away. 
  • box of computer mice
    We put out so many traps to catch all these mice...
  • tables filled with 2 rows of printers.
    All kinds of useful stuff 
  • stacks of differnt kinds of stackable chairs
    You might want to sit down for this one ... 
  • Large light wood shelving unit
    Good for the office or at home we get in all sorts of shelving units.



Departmental Surplus Pick-Up & Delivery

Please review the Surplus Property Policy before requesting pick-up or delivery.


Please review the Surplus Property Policy before requesting pickup or delivery. 


  • Surplus property does NOT include office supplies, trash, or personal items. Such items will not be picked up.

  • Electronics for surplus will be assessed an electronics recycling surcharge fee and an org/fund must be provided prior to pick up.

  • Allow at least one to two weeks for your surplus request to be met. We will always be faster when we can!

  • We provide disposal services to the landfill at a billable hourly rate for approved items.

When you send us an email to schedule pick-up or delivery, please include:

Contact name
Contact telephone number
Location of items for pick-up
A list of the items for pick-up

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  • Departments with surplus property to be picked up may either use the form available or email a list of items /  location to

  • We are usually scheduling 1-2 weeks out. Computers and other electronics items will incur an electronics recycling surcharge. An org/fund is required prior to any electronics pick up.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER: If the team is asked to remove trash, a minimum $40/man hour charge will be applied. All desks, cabinets, etc must be emptied prior to pick up and please tape any keys to the item(s).


Forms & Documents

 Form Instructions


Contact Information

Jonathan Canaii
(907) 786-1959
Lower level of Bookstore

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