Dining & Catering

Seawolf Dining & Catering is a self-supporting entity under the direction of University Housing, Dining & Conference Services and operated by NMS. NMS is a joint venture between a local Alaska Native corporation, NANA, and Sodexo.

Our goal is to provide quality food and services to residential and commuter students, faculty, staff, and the community. 

Check out seawolfdining.com for information on upcoming Theme Nights, meal programs, and MORE!

Theme Nights & Special Meals

Come and join us for our theme nights and special meals throughout the school year. There is great food, decorations, and entertainment you are sure to enjoy. Everyone is invited to join us!*

*Food is only available to guests who purchase a meal or use a meal swipe on their Dining Plan.


Meals-to-Go is a way for on-campus students to take their meal from the Creekside Eatery and eat elsewhere (like you room, or outside on a nice day). 

How does the program work?

  1. Bring your container to the Creekside Eatery
  2. Put your meal in the container (there is room for an entree, two sides, a salad, and a dessert)
  3. When you return next time bring your unwashed container and exchange it for a sanitized one

Please be sure to review the rules of using the Meals-to-Go program.

Why does the program utilize reusable containers?

  1. Styrofoam - utilizing styrofoam is bad for the environment
  2. Microwave - using styrofoam in the microwave releases harmful chemicals, like styrene into your food
  3. Trash - reusable containers help eliminate trash on campus and in landfills
  4. Science - these reusable containers are transparent so you can conduct an experiment to see how much mold will grow on your food in a week


Contact Us

(907) 751-7454

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