Housing Rates

Application Fees and Deposit

All students must pay an application fee and refundable* deposit at the time they apply for housing.  Please see the How to Apply page for instructions on completing the Housing Application on UAOnline. 

Refundable* Deposit $300
Application Fee** on or before July 15 $60
Late Application Fee** after July 15 $75

*Students must uphold the terms of the Housing Agreement in order for the deposit to be refunded.  Please review the Housing Agreement on the Contract & Cancellation Info page.  

** Application fees are non-refundable. 


2017 Summer Housing Rates

$2,775 for both summer sessions.  Rates will be prorated accordingly for students staying for only one session.   Please see the Summer Housing page of the UAA Housing website for more information about summer housing.  

2017-2018 Academic Year Housing Rates

Residence Halls

per semester cost

Shared Bedroom Suite
(up to 4 students per bedroom)


Private Bedroom - Double Suite


Private Bedroom - Quad Suite


Single Suite
(limited to graduate students or students over 25)




per semester cost

MAC - Shared Bedroom
(2 students per bedroom)*


MAC - Private Bedroom


MAC - Shared Bedroom Buyout
(1 student in a bedroom meant for 2)***


Templewood - Shared Bedroom
(2 students per bedroom)*


 Templewood - Private Bedroom

 Templewood - Shared Bedroom Buyout
  (1 student in a bedroom meant for 2)***

 All students living in student housing will be charged a $25 per semester Residence Hall Association Programming Fee.  This fee will help support activities and programming for residential students.  

*Shared room rates are based on occupancy of at least two students per room.  If  a student is sharing a room and their roommate moves out, the student remaining will be charged the prorated single room rate for the period they are in the room alone.  If students are in a shared room alone and wish to maintain the shared-room rate, they will have the option of consolidating with other students who also wish to share a room.  If a student wishes to remain alone in a shared room and guarantee they won't have a roommate, they can talk to the Housing Desk about buying out the unoccupied side of the shared room. 

**Apartments are typically reserved for students who have lived on campus at least one year, or who are 21 years of age or older.

***This option is only available if space allows and if the MAC and Templewood Apartments are not full.  This rate guarantees single occupancy in a room meant for two students. 


All rates are effective as of April 4, 2017 for the 2017-2018 academic year and are subject to change. Rates are listed per semester.

All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Apartment residents are not required to purchase a meal plan; however participating in one of these plans can be more convenient than grocery shopping and kitchen clean up!

Numerous studies have shown that living on campus truly does contribute to academic success, and helps students feel more connected to their University.

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