Seawolf Dining

Seawolf Dining & Catering is a self-supporting entity under the direction of University Housing, Dining & Conference Services and operated by NANA Management Services (NMS). NMS is a joint venture between a local Alaska Native corporation, NANA, and Sodexo.  Our goal is to provide quality food and services to residential and commuter students, faculty, staff, and the community. 

Check out for information on dining locations across campus, Theme Nights, menus and more. 


How the Meal Plan Works

Each meal plan provides a block of all-you-care-to-eat "meals" in the Creekside Eatery, along with varying amounts of "dining dollars" that may be used at most Seawolf Dining & Catering establishments on campus. 

If your schedule is such that you are not able to make it to the Creekside Eatery, meal plan participants are able to exchange "meal swipes" for an equivalent value of $5.00 towards your purchase at all of our other venues – including Subway, Caliente, Cuddy Market Place, and the Daily Grind.

Meal plans are paid for once per semester. Meal Plans are loaded onto your WOLFcard, allowing you to simply swipe your card for coffee, snacks, meals, etc.

Selecting a Meal Plan

Students can select a meal plan on their Housing Self-Service page via UAOnline.  Meal plan selection will be activated once room assignments are finalized and students will receive an email from the Housing Office once this option is available. If students are assigned to a residence hall where a meal plan is required, but do not choose a meal plan via UAOnline, the default meal plan of 100 meals/800 dining dollars will be automatically added to their student account before check-in.  

Students' selected meal plan for fall will be renewed for students staying for the spring semester.  Students wishing to change their meal plan for the spring semester must do so online during a designated time prior to the spring semester (students will receive an email when this option is available).  Students can also change their meal plan between semesters by completing a Meal Plan Change Form at the Housing Desk prior to the first Friday of instruction. 

 Which Meal Plan Should I Choose?

When choosing a meal plan, take a moment to review your schedule, work hours, or anything else that might affect where you'll eat most of your meals so that you can make an informed decision on which meal plan to choose. 

  • If you plan to eat regularly at the Creekside Eatery in the Commons, a meal plan with more meal blocks (such as the 200 Meal Plan) is the smarter choice. 
  • If you'll be eating on main campus more often and visitng the Cuddy Market Place in Cuddy Hall, or Subway or Caliente in the Student Union, a meal plan with more dining dollars may better suit your schedule.
  • If you run out of meals before the end of the semester, you can add one of the meal plan add-ons described below as long as your student account is in good standing. 

Below is an outline of approximately how many meals and dining dollars each plan provides per week for a typical 16-week semester.

Meal Plan Meal per week (approximately) Dining Dollars per week (approximately
Block 75 4 $50
Block 100 6 $44
Block 150 9 $37
Block 200 12 $25

Meal Plan Details

  • Meal plan selections are binding as of 5:00 pm on the first Friday of instruction and may not be decreased for that semester.
  • You are able to use more than one meal swipe per meal time (ex. if mom and dad visit, or you wish to treat a friend to dinner, you are able to use as many swipes as you like on a single occasion)
  • Unused meals and dining dollars expire at the end of each semester and do not carry over.
  • All dining venues run by Seawolf Dining & Catering accept meal swipes for the equivalent of $5 dining dollars.

NOTE: UAA Perk at the University Center, Union Station in the Student Union, and the Lucy Cuddy Fine Dining Room in Cuddy Hall are not part of Seawolf Dining & Catering, and therefore do not accept meal swipes or dining dollars.  The Varsity Grill in the Alaska Airlines Center does accept dining dollars, but not meal swipes. 

All rates are effective as of February 2016 for the 2016/2017 Academic Year and are subject to change. Rates are listed per semester.

2016/2017 Meal Plan Pricing



per semester rate

Block 75

75 meals, $800 dining dollars


Block 100

100 meals, $700 dining dollars


Block 150

150 meals, $600 dining dollars


Block 200

200 meals, $400 dining dollars


 Meal Plan Add-Ons and Apartment-Only Plans

  Plan Description per semester rate
Block 10* 10 meals $107
Block 25* 25 meals $249
Block 15* 15 meals, $150 dining dollars $295
Block 30* 30 meals, $300 diniing dollars $549
Block 50* 50 meals, $200 dining dollars $925
Dining Dollars Add-on $300 dining dollars, 5 meals $300

 *Meal Plan Add-Ons and Apartment-Only Plans are available to apartment residents only, or can be added to any existing meal plan if students run out of meals. Meal Plans may also be purchased by commuter students who do not live on campus.  Commuter students interested in a meal plan should contact the Housing Office for more information.