Housing Parking Permits

Only current semester students living in Student Housing are eligible to apply for the Full Day + Housing parking permit.

Permit Type Timing  Parking Info Semester Cost 
Full Day + Housing 24/7 Student Housing Lots, all surface lots and garages on main campus $70


Housing Parking FAQs


What do I do if I have more than one vehicle on campus?
Housing residents must display a valid permit for every vehicle parked on campus. A housing resident may purchase a maximum of two permits, one Full Day + Housing and one Full Day. 

Do I need a permit if I live in Templewood?

Yes. Every resident who owns a vehicle parked at housing must display a valid permit. This includes vehicles parked in Templewood garages or any surface lot at housing. 

Can my guests park in the housing lots?

No, your guests must park in the visitor lots adjacent to the housing parking. They will need to display a valid permit, either a Full Day permit, a permit from the Pay 'n Park machine found in Willow Lot or have paid by phone using the Passport website/app for the duration of their visit.

Are the visitor lots free to park in?

No, both Cottonwood and Willow lots require a permit 24/7. These lots are patrolled and it is posted in the lots that they require a permit and are patrolled 24/7. 

Where is the Pay 'n Park machine in Housing?

The Pay 'n Park machine is in the Willow lot behind the Commons. 

Can I park in Housing with an Evening Permit?

No, if you are a housing resident you live in housing and have a car on campus all day and night; this means that the evening permit will not cover all the times you will be parked on campus. 

Can I park in the loading zones outside my hall overnight?

No, the loading zone is for loading and unloading your vehicle only. Parking over the posted time limit may result in a citation. 

Where can I park when moving in/out of my hall?

The only places you can park are the loading zones, but only for the posted time limit. If there is no space in the loading zone you will need to park in the lot or wait for a loading zone space to open up. If you are parked in a fire lane or in the road you will be issued a citation. 

Can I park in front of the dumpster in front of my room to unload groceries?

No, you can only park in a loading zone to unload vehicles; you cannot park in the road, in front of a dumpster, or any other access area to get closer to your hall.

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