Rental Rates

Standard Rates*

Performance Rental Rate (once daily) $900
Performance Rental Rate (additional performance) $250
Rehearsal Day $400
Dark Day $200
Technician $40 per hour per technician (Mon-Thurs)
$50 per hour per technician (Fri-Sun)
Weekend Custodial $150

*Discounts are available to non-profits and UAA groups. A standard day rental is 8:00 am-Midnight. Events that take place before 8:00 am or after Midnight will have an additional charge of $100 per hour outside of the standard rental day. Rates are higher for UAA closure days and holidays depending on the needs of the event. Please call our Event Coordinator at (907) 751-7273 for details.

Please Note

  • Performance Rental Rate is for one performance per day. Additional performances on the same day are an additional $250.

  • Rehearsal Day rental rate is per rehearsal date.

  • Rehearsal Day rental rates are for a rehearsal leading up to an event at this facility. Rehearsals for events at another venue will be charged the Performance Rental Rate.

  • Rehearsals on Friday or Saturday will be charged the Performance Rental Rate.

  • Every rehearsal and performance is required to have at least two (2) UAA Technicians on duty the entire time you are in the facility. Depending on the complexity of your rehearsal or performance, more Technicians may be required.

  • All events are required to be covered by insurance. All official UAA events are covered by UAA insurance. Official Anchorage School District events are covered by ASD insurance. Most non-profit and for-profit organization already have insurance that may cover off-site events. Your carrier can email a copy of your insurance rider to to complete this requirement. If you need to purchase insurance for your event and do not already have a carrier, the University of Alaska Statewide offers event insurance for events at a University location. Check out this website for more info:

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