Building Safety

DSCN0007 Below are mulitple links and documents to address building safety and the programs and procedures which help to ensure that UAA is maintaining the highest quality and safest facilities.

Building Managers & Safety Coordinators play a very important role in the day-to-day operation of our campus facilities by communicating occupant needs and assisting our Facilities departments. They are essentially an additional set of eyes and ears for the uniersity to help improve our services for our buildings, visitors, students, and staff. This role is generally a volunteer assignment. 

For additional information on the Building Managers & Safety Coordinators program, please Building Managers

Currently, all facilities on the University of Alaska Anchorage Goose Lake Campus are inspected on a periodic basis to ensure that deficiencies are identified early to avoid major repairs, service needs and safety concerns due to lack of attention.

Building Blitz team members include: building managers, and representatives from Facilities Maintenance Services, Facilities Planning and Construction, Custodial Services, and Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management Support.

Depending on the need, other academic and administrative department representatives are sometimes invited to participate. Building Blitzes also provide an opportunity for building occupants to voice their concerns directly to the individuals responsible for correcting deficiencies and addressing those concerns.

The current Building Blitz schedule can be Building Blitz Schedule.

The UAA Post Disaster Damage Assessment Team (PDDAT) is established to assess the occupancy condition of UAA facilities after a disaster (earthquake, flood, high winds, ice storm, etc.). The team will determine if affected buildings or portions of buildings are safe for temporary use until structural and other engineers can perform more detailed analyses and formulate recommendations and plans. In addition, the UAA PDDAT is part of the Municipality of Anchorage’s, the State of Alaska’s, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s PDDAT operations and can be dispatched by those entities to operate at other locations besides on University property. Determinations and postings made by any PDDAT member are enforceable by local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.

 Please contact EHS/RMS, if you'd like to volunteer to be on this team. There is a two day training course held periodically throughout the year at no cost to you or your department. The course material is presented at a layperson's level and teaches you all kinds of engineering clues needed to evaluate the physical condition and occupancy safety of buildings after a disaster. This training has applications not only to work, but also to your home. You even get to wear an official UAA PDDAT uniform! Come and join our team.

PDDAT Resources: